We recognise that virtually all the activities in the legal sector have some impact on society and the environment. As a leading Farama & Co, we want our performance to be measured not only by our profitability as a business but also by our impact on the societies and environments in which we operate.

The foundation of our work in this area comes from a belief that the rule of law is essential to human progress, underpinning economic activity and the development of societies across the globe. Our work is to enable the world of business - and through our pro bono activity, wider society - to benefit from the rule of law and the integrity, fairness and certainty that it brings.

Corporate sustainability strategies and initiatives are governed by the highest level of our partnership by a global Corporate Responsibility Committee which includes our Chairman and Senior Partner. We look forward to working further on these successes in the future as we deliver on our commitment to be a responsible business.

We advise our clients and potential clients if we are the right firm for the particular work for which they require legal advice. Our partners are clear about where we can add value, what is the most efficient service for our clients and how we can best deliver the service.  Maintaining an open approach is a fundamental prerequisite of establishing successful long-term relationships with our clients.

There are five key things that set us apart from our competitors:
   - our deep industry knowledge,
   - excellence in client service and international reach,
   - deep industry knowledge,
   - fair pricing.

These differentiators are all underpinned by our commitment to clarity, originality and passion.

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